Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How Superior

is this!
I knew this piece would have some thread embellishing on it. Embellishing gives it punch, pizzazz, oomph!
I sandwiched the piece with a fabric that I'm not too thrilled with and meandered all over the background.   As you can see this is Fantastico, so aptly named.  It is a variegated thread that goes from blue to green, subtly I would say............not overpowering.
Then I thought, the bird needs a wing!  I found another Fantastico in my thread box, sewed around the edge of the bird and then gave him a wing.
After it was done I wish I had chosen a darker colour, but I didn't have one in stock.  Live and learn
I did the roofs of the birdhouses and the posts in the same thread.  A beautiful King Tut.
Next were the stems and leaves.  I wanted a green, almost the same colour but one that would stand out a bit on the leaves............not overpower them, just give them some depth.
The last thing I did was the fence.  I left it until the end as I couldn't decide how to do it.  Then, I took a good long look at the fabric and the decision was made.
I found this thread in my tray
puddled it on the fabric and knew it would work.
This is a Masterpiece thread that has never been used much.  
I'll have to rectify that.
I thought while writing this up that perhaps some close up shots would be nice for you, so here you go.

Don't add beads, buttons, etc., until all the quilting is completed.

I decided not to stitch on the bird houses themselves.  I couldn't make up my mind how to do them,
the fabric didn't tell me what to do, so I used a black King Tut thread and made circles in the "openings" and
left well enough alone.
I cut my binding and sewed it down.  I used the excess from the backing for a sleeve and
while watching television in the evening I stitched it down. 
It gave me a break from my knitting for an hour.
Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone.
I was sent an article written by another blogger by a friend of mine.  It was an interesting read.....
and she has given "carte blanche" for anyone to post on their blog.
It is a long(ish) write up, but well worth the read.

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Humboldt Broncos
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