Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Embroidery is done, so now

the knitting needles are back out.  I tried to knit Kristina the hat she requested, but I failed miserably......3 I gave up and dug out a pattern I really like.  We decided in the end that this will be Karl's new hat.  The pattern is called "Swirl Hat" and I found it  here......
You have to sign up on this site, but it's's a freebie.  This is actually a child's hat, so I grabbed my Astra yarn and my round needles and knit away.  A larger needle, a thicker yarn and it fits an adult.
This is my favourite new find.  I love this pattern and although it looks like's not!
I should have cast this off a bit tighter, but as I didn't and there are 220 stitches on the needle, I opted to leave it alone.  It took a few nights of knitting to get this one done.  Once again, I took from my yarn stash what I had and knit away.
The pattern is here and again a freebie. 
I can't wear wool, so I took my white Beehive Astra yarn and knit this up -- same number of stitches and a smaller needle.....a 3.75mm.  It fits and I'm looking forward to wearing a cowl!  
I made a matching hat.  I rarely knit for myself so I went all out!
I couldn't find a pattern for the hat, so I figured it out.  120 stitches on a 4 mm needle and followed the pattern for the cowl. 
It has a pompom too!  My kids hate pompoms, but I don't
When the temperature gauge in your truck says
and the wind is howling
it is downright cold!
That's the weather conditions our son had for a weekend of work back in February.  I had made him a balaclava after the winter of 2014, but after this winter I decided he needed some more hand knitting.
I made him a cowl/neck warmer
This is made with Paton's Canadiana and a great pattern I found on this website
It took me 3 evenings to make it up.  
Now onwards with more knitting, when the yarn arrives from
Mary Maxim.
Getting some knitting done for Christmas is always a challenge, so this was my challenge for the month of March. 

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Humboldt Broncos
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