Tuesday, February 17, 2015

You are invited into.......

my sewing space!  The BIG sewing space
I'm lucky, I actually have two spaces, but this column is about the big one.  It's downstairs and the room measures about 10' x 20'.....more or less.  I'm also lucky because Karl will build things to suit.  I have a strong table that holds some of my machines.  It is perfect for me.....just the right height.  At one time it was the family dining table so it was higher.  We could get 12 people around this table with no trouble at all.  I recently rearranged the machines, with the quilting machine at the far end so the table holds the weight of the quilt while I'm working on it.  The other machines can sit on the floor under the table.

I have a great place to work at.  I call it my "work station", built to my height and equipped with everything I need.   It has shelving for cutting boards, batting, light table, thread storage containers and containers for projects. A place for everything and everything in it's place.
 The top is equipped too!
A large cutting board that covers just about the whole top.  I bought it at Michael's with a 50% off coupon.  I do not pay full price for anything, because that leaves me with more money for fabric.  The two projects on the table are upcoming on the blog.    My favourite lights are my table Ott lamp and one from my Dad's drafting table.  I do have good overhead lighting, but prefer these two above the others.
I grabbed some old mugs and use them for pencils, pens, rotary cutters, reverse stitchers, and my iPod is close by to blast out my favourite music.  I do have a radio and a tv, but my iPod is my "go-to".  I find the tv distracting and I tend to stop what I'm doing and the radio -- well, it's never been my cuppa

My flannel wall is at one end of the room, so I can stand back and take a good look at what is in progress.  Sometimes, projects will sit on it for days.  It is an old door that Karl painted and I covered with flannel backed tablecloths.  I do believe there are two on the door.  One stacked on top of the other.
I have two blackboards in the room.  Not necessary, but I was given back the big one, so we put it to use.  I also have a bulletin board.  I try to use these instead of paper.  Paper clutters and when I purged this room, I have never sent as much paper to the recycle.
My scissors hang on a souvenir I picked up in St. John's NL when we visited a few years ago.  It is suppose to hold keys.  It works very well for this job.
As my EQ programme is in my laptop, I keep a printer downstairs and when I'm in the designing mood, I hook the two of them up and print off what I need.  I have to stop printing off quite as much though!
I do have other hobbies, one of which is card making.  This cabinet is on wheels so if I want to re-arrange the room, I can move it.  It holds my supplies in storage containers that are marked with what they hold.  I used to have sewing supplies on these shelves too, but that has been moved.  That serger on the bottom is never used because it is broken, so it's leaving the house soon.
I have garbage cans everywhere.  My aim isn't very accurate as I find a lot of thread on the carpeting in my room.  If the room was warmer, I would take it out, but I like warm feet.
I also have pin cushion/thread catchers at every machine.  I just find they help to keep things tidier and because I'm sort of a fanatic about taking pins out as I sew, it's nice to have somewhere to put them. 
That's it......that's my room.  
Seeing as you were so kind to read right to the bottom of the column, 
here's a little gift for you.
A link to free patterns over on the Aurifil thread website.  I have no idea what DOM stands for.  I thought it was a "typo", but it appears a couple of times, so perhaps it means designer of the month.
It has been very, very cold and we've had snow in s. Ontario.  The last two days temperature wise have been a bit brutal even for Canadians........nighttime lows....-34°C.
The little animals that live around our house have lost their food source, so Karl put a box of food out for them.  It is nestled under the front of the house where there is a bit of protection.  We have three little chaps coming to visit.  
Let me introduce "Chunky".  This is one large rabbit I can tell you.  He visits us every day ~~ sometimes twice ~~ and keeps Misty and I  amused.

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Humboldt Broncos
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