Thursday, February 5, 2015

It's back

and I'm lovin' it!
Steam-a-Seam 2 is back in the stores and I have bought a bolt of it, tested it and can only give it favourable reviews!
I didn't read everything when I finally got it out of the shipping box.  I should have.  You can run this through your printer!  No, I didn't try it, but someday when I have lots to run off I just might try it.

Did you notice the grid?  It is one inch intervals and I love that.  If you only need 5" of web, you can count it out and cut on the line.....maybe a bit above the line.....maybe a bit below.
Now this is Steam-a-Seam 2 which means it has two pieces of paper.
You trace onto the side with the grid.
The other piece of paper comes off easily.  That was the one thing I didn't like about the product previously.  I could never figure out which side to trace on to.  No problem with that now.
I took off the paper and used it on top of the piece I was fusing to my fabric.  Sometimes, the pencil lead will come off on your iron and the next time you press something......there is that lead.  Nothing stuck to my iron, so it worked well.

The one thing I did notice when using the fusible web was it was "stickier" than it was before.  Be careful when taking the paper off.  I don't know whether you will have a problem if it sticks to itself.  I didn't.
You can place it down, pick it up, move it around and it will stick again.
I was working at my work station and then picked it up to take to the ironing board.  Nothing moved.
I'm going to rate this product 

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out of

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Karl and I were out walking one day last week and I had my camera in my pocket.
The Canada Geese fly in formations (usually a "V" shape) and you can definitely hear them before you can see them.
I live near Lake Ontario where these big birds stay during the day.  Late in the afternoon they head back up to the farmer's fields for the night.  These were just four of the geese that were flying above us that day.

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