Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It worked!!

I saw this on my pattern page:
 so I went to the website to see what was there
 I cut my sheets of Steam-A-Seam .....  8 1/2" x 11"
 Then I laid one at a time in the printer tray
I pushed the print button and this is what appeared!
That was successful, so I printed off sheet number 2
Now the test......would the ink disappear or worse, run!,  when I fused to the fabric?
No, it worked beautifully!
Would I do it this way again.  If the pattern was all broken down, and printed close together I probably would.  As this one was simply the exact same way as in the magazine, no I wouldn't.
I still had to trace the centre of the flower off to one side on the fusible web.  When I printed this off I had the whole flower and I hadn't planned on making the petals and the centre the same.
I would never ever trace a straight stem like this.  I cut a piece of fusible web wider than the stem, fuse that to my fabric and then cut out the right size using a rotary cutter.  I find I'm much more accurate doing it that way.
I could probably trace most of this onto one piece of 8 1/2" x 11" piece of Steam-a-Seam.  I do save all the bits and pieces just in case that is all I need one day, and this time I may have used a few of them to trace out some leaves.  
I have to admit though, it did save me time.  
No tracing!  
No bringing out the light table!
No finding the right pencil to do the tracing!
It is nice to know it works.
I went shopping yesterday for a 1/2 metre of fabric for a project I want to finish.
I walked out of the store with 12 fat quarters, 3.6 meters of fabric, 1 zipper, 1 spool of thread and left the 1/2 metre behind on the cutting table.
Linda and I were just talking way too much.
The fat quarters are from the Man about Town fabric line by Northcott and the light fabric, which will be the accent on the quilt, is by Michael Miller.  All it is called is Tiny Houndstooth,  so I went searching for the line.  Wow!  I like it, but no plans for it.  How sad!
These are for the last large quilt I have to get made this year.  Pattern is selected, just have to get cutting sometime soon.

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Humboldt Broncos
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