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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January decoration

I made my decoration from Bunny Hill and I actually read the directions and ~~~~~~ then went and did my own thing.
The first thing I couldn't understand was the fabric requirements.  It says you need two 10" squares of fabric per heart.  The hearts don't need anything like that.  The heart itself measures 5 1/2" wide and 6 1/2" long.  I took a piece of red fabric and traced the pattern and then cut it out.
I used wool for the snowman because that is what I had  AND I knitted the scarf.  3 stitches and just kept knitting until I thought I had enough.  I actually made a wee hole in it to pull the scarf through!  I was awake the night I made this!
I used seed beads for the eyes and I just snipped the shape of the nose instead of tracing it.  I did tack the scarf down with the length of thread that I either cast on with or cast off.  To me he looks cozy and warm......just like the snowmen we built in the yard when I was a young'un!

I used the ribbon I had in the house.  I tried a knot in the end and pinned it in place.....yes, pin it!  Ask me how I know to do that.  The third attempt worked at keeping the ribbon together.

I always put the year on the decoration that I give to the kids and grands.  I opted this time to take a piece of white ribbon and write the year on that and sew it into the stitching.  You'll notice both sides have the year!  Yeah, I goofed that too.  Make sure you are out from the edge 1/4" or the year will be starting in the seam allowance.  I did think of that!  
TIP:  When you are sewing something together and leaving an opening, use different coloured pins for starting and stopping........so you don't forget to stop!  I had someone -- who will remain nameless, but he is 19.......forget to stop.  When he remembered it was too late.  
And here it is!
January is in the box.  There is no fancy bow at the top.  We aren't fancy bow people.
There is no halo either.  No wings for that matter.
A pattern is only a guideline.
The link for Bunny Hill is on the sidebar.

by Maya Angelou

"Sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person's life. When you learn, teach. When you get, give."

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