Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It disappeared!

I mentioned last year ~~ late in the year ~~ here ~~ that I wanted to make a quilted tablecloth for the dining-room.  I bought the fabric with no idea how much I needed so thought I would make a "mock-up" block and take it from there.
I wanted the disappearing nine patch which is pretty simple.
Take a nine patch
Now cut it in half...............both ways

And just to be different..........add some sashing and a cornerstone

Play with it a bit..........

and then a bit more..........

until you decide which way you like it best

once the decision is made, sew it together.
Then take one big pause, because all of a sudden Christmas was here with the hustle and bustle.  Out for dinners, make a dinner, have a nap, make turkey pot pies,
 have a nap, wash up more dishes, have a sit down, then get back to it.  It took me over 2 weeks to get this top done.  Never, ever taken me that long before.
Well here it is......a photo dialogue of the top before borders.  This was chosen.....
 two blocks together
and then outside (because a breeze was blowing!)
to take a photo to make sure
it is all sewn together properly
which at one stage of the game it
Thank goodness
Karl noticed before the borders were sewn on
and finally the breeze stopped blowing!
Why the blue sashing?
Well, the little angels in one fabric have blue dresses on
and as our dining-room table actually is up against a wall
with a quilt on it that is in reds and yellows
I wanted something that didn't blend into the wall
and blue is Karl's favourite colour
the borders

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Humboldt Broncos
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