Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Computer Lesson

I saw something on Facebook one day for the book lover on your gift list.  Karl is not a book lover, but does read occasionally during the winter months when there is absolutely no gardening to be done.  A nice lazy afternoon with a good book is a must........magazines, gardening catalogues are fine.....but a good book will last you for a few hours.
I bought him the new John Grisham book for Christmas and wanted a book mark for him.  This is where the Facebook idea came from.  The link is for Book Riot and you could do this for any occasion.
I wanted something "just for him" and seeing as he is "The Great Dane", I opted for that famous story teller Hans Christian Andersen ~~ no relation that we know of!  I googled images of HCA and found this one
Then I wanted a huge "K".  I decided to go into Microsoft Word and use that.  Most of you will have that on your computer.
I decided to download a new font as it is considered a hollow one.  It is called Arialic Hollow from 1001 fonts.  (Sorry this computer lesson is not going to cover how to download a font as computer systems are different.)
Take a look at the top of your word page.  You can select different fonts, different sizes.  You are not stuck with the largest they give you which is 72.  
I pulled my mouse across the size area which turns blue and then typed in the size I wanted.  (I did change my font after I downloaded this little bit.)

I chose Arialic Hollow at 700
mainly because it will take less ink to run it off.
This is what it looked like.

I ran HCA's image off on card stock and then after running off the letter "K", I laid it on the back of the card stock right side down!  I stapled it together and then cut out the letter with a rotary cutter.  Easy going as it is all straight lines. "K" is rather an empty letter, so I checked the placement before I cut!
It can be used as a gift tag as well as a book mark.  
The only thing I would do differently the next time is use a heavier weight card stock than what I had on hand, but for a first attempt, this will be fine.

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