Tuesday, January 13, 2015

and on the back...........

I decided the fabric had to go.  Well, most of it.  I pulled out the two reds, the cream and the blue and made one huge disappearing nine patch.
I then added a blue border all the way around.
Two sides were cut 3 1/2" 
and the other two sides were cut 5"
Then I went back downstairs and started
with the cream
only to discover it had already been cut into
3 1/2" strips
I subcut to fit the four sides 
and then I cut the red.
I didn't have a lot in stock so I thought I would go this
far until the store re-opened after their holiday break.......and then I changed 
my mind!
There was one piece of the blue left on the cutting table, so I decided to use it up.  It measured a little 
over 9", so I cut it in half and then to the length.  I added this just in case I made a mistake when adding the final two borders.
 Before I packed everything up, I made myself some notes.  I am going to try and put this into practice this year.  Measure everything.....the front, the back and if I need more fabric figure it out and put it on the post it note.  
It should save me time.  
I made the little collage of photos on
I had some fun while Karl made the coffee!


Making up backings is the best way to get rid of your stash.  You don't have to buy the "backing" fabrics that stores carry.  I have found I have saved a lot of money doing it this way.
It isn't a problem keeping it straight on a long arm machine either.  I've done it myself and Jane has never had a problem.  I'll get Anne's advice when I drop this off to her.

Okay, it's done but not before more angst.  I will treasure this tablecloth for many, many years.  I didn't buy enough fabric....the red, not the cream.  I bought the end of that bolt and I'm glad I did.  Here it is......
it is a whole slew of inches longer than it needs to be.  I'm not cutting it off, I'll just mess it up!

Je suis Charlie!

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Humboldt Broncos
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