Friday, December 5, 2014

Glædelig Jül!

Last night was the evening our family spent together for the annual Christmas dinner.  We started this a few years ago.............we take everyone out to our favourite restaurant and they can order what they want.........appetizers included, but not dessert.  That we have back at the house.
Some years I bake, but this year we had to do it earlier due to shift work, night work, day get the picture.  There are 11 of us and all but 3 of that 11 work.  The old retired folks don't and one teen-ager delivers newspapers for 2 more years and then she is working too.
We give them lots and lots of time to arrange for time off their jobs if need be
This was the invitation and they all said "yes", "we will be there".
Due to the fact that the dinner is early this year, we opted to go over to the Danish bakery here in town and buy the dessert.  We added one little extra to decorate one of the plates with.
The bottom two boxes have Weinerstang......delicate pastry with apple slices inside and then we bought a Kanel Snegl....which is a very big cinnamon bun.
I really wanted the Snemand (snowman).  I have no idea what is inside.
We did have some Canadiana on the table.  
before the feast
I shopped at Purdy's first for some Hedgehogs which are now all gone.  I will have to go back for more.  Ah darn!

Hedgehogs are little chocolates with ground halzenuts inside
Weinerbrød on the left
Kanel Snegle on the right
There is no such thing as a good picture in our family.  Granddaughters always have to act like they never want their photo taken.  It drives me nuts, so therefore there are no pictures to show of my kin.  Perhaps when they come back another time, but don't hold your breath. 

To all of you
Glædelig Jül
Merry Christmas
Happy Christmas 
Feliz Navidad. 

There will be a few columns next week up until Thursday and then I'm on holidays until after Christmas.  Enjoy the season.

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