Thursday, December 11, 2014

Finally had an idea

I'm finding it harder and harder to come up with ideas for the gift cards........
Well, not the cards themselves, something to put them in, to gift them.  Handing someone a gift card just isn't enough for me. 
I had the boys figured out........they are always easy.........the girls are always another story. The girls in one household don't need these, so one is for a girlfriend and one for a daughter-in-law.
This is number one.  

I have a lot of neutral batiks, so I decided to use these on the first one.  I used a cool looking fabric for the inside........looks a bit like giraffe skin
The pattern is from This and That, called Abby's Treasure Box and I must admit, the pattern has been in the house for awhile.  
I started off really well, the directions were perfect and then, just before we were stopping for dinner I hit a snag.  I couldn't for the life of me figure out what she was saying about inserting the zipper.
We ate our dinner and while I ate, it came to me.  Sometimes you just have to take a break.  
I'm not too sure whether it was the directions or whether it was me, but the next day when I wanted to make number 2 bag I still couldn't grasp how she wanted the zipper done.  
This is the second one.  I'm only making two -- for the moment.  I may make more in the New Year when the baking isn't calling me, or the housework, or the shopping.  Yes that is all still to do.
I quilted this one.  I totally messed up the whole thing this time.  I knew I was sewing it together wrong and I cheerfully ignored the little voice telling me.....stop! stop!.....and continued on my merry way.  I ended up quilting it and I must admit I do like the looks of this.
Nail polish will be put inside each one along with their gift card.  Now to make the decisions on which girl gets which nail polish.

I'm going to post a column tomorrow.  Not much, just a wee one.
Christmas preparations are in full swing at our house.  Peter is coming today to 
make some Klejner ~~ a wonderful Danish cookie ~~ I'm getting ready for a
pot luck lunch with the gals from Stitch and Chat ~~ decorations are going up
and today 
the snow is coming down!


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