Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Another one for a

grandson.  I was going to say "boy" but my gosh these kids are growing older.  Young men now.
I decided to take a class at Sewing Machines etc., because a quilt keep catching my eye every time I walked into the store.  Anne told me I could do it myself and I could have but I wanted to get out.  
Remember those words!
The first class was full, so I put my name on a waiting list.
I was first in line, so pretty much assured I would get into this one.
I received an email with the next class dates.
November 6th, 13th and 20th
Darn it.  I couldn't make the first class because it was Karl's birthday.
I changed my mind on the fabrics and decided to go with.....
the Tim Holtz fabric I had purchased to make a jacket
I had to make a decision for the paddles and tried a few combinations, none of which I was happy with.  I went back over to Sewing Machines, etc because I knew I really, really wanted to make this with a chocolate brown, not a black.
This is the block and I had to make 36 of them.
 This is the halfway point in the quilt and I was doing pretty darn well with the blocks at the second class
and then I had to miss class number 3 as I didn't have a car and I just wasn't feeling up to being sociable.
I worked away for a weekend on the quilt..........messed up big time.......unpicked 18 blocks and this is what I had by Sunday afternoon.
 There are 18 blocks of one fabric and 18 of another...........1 metre of each one (well, almost).
These are the fabrics.  The "tartan" is not Tim Holtz but it works well with it.
I had a design in mind, along with the design Anne made. 
Each block consists of two blocks of the same fabric so that you have a line of fabric running through the quilt.
After I took this photo I noticed that one border is sewn on wrong.  No one would notice it, but I know I did it so it had to come off and be put on again.  
Can you say..........aggravating???

The borders are two different fabrics, but very close in coloring.  I love how it turned out.......I had my doubts, but.......
in the end it all worked out

and of course, there was a breeze blowing.......

A backing to be made with one block left over from the front.  A little bit of this and a whole lot of that and it's done!
Now to cut the binding and put it away with the quilt.  It's going on the frame in March.  Jane talked me into using a King Tut thread, #900........and Anne found this design for me.  

The back is's coming tomorrow!

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Humboldt Broncos
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