Thursday, November 20, 2014

You've still got time

Every year I make a decoration for my grands and everyone gets one at their place at the Annual Christmas Dinner.  Yes, I decorate the table at the restaurant.  Who cares if the other patrons think I'm crazy.
This year, I found some really easy "ornaments" to make.  These will be for the dinner table and I will make them up in an evening while I can fritz and fool listening to the television.
If you give them as a gift, don't forget to put on the year

I would love to make them really individual but as the dinner is on the 5th of December, I think they will get what I find in the Christmas fabric stash.
I found this while looking for ideas to decorate the outside of the house.  The old fella is not climbing the ladder this year to hang lights on the eavestrough.  Ain't a gonna happen!
Or maybe you want to give this a try
a ping pong ball, a baby's sock, some greenery, and a ribbon
and a few dabs of paint!
If you can get someone to trim a branch up for you and you can do some wood burning......
This one didn't have directions posted, but I think with a bit of ingenuity, you could make it up.
I love this.  Such a "gentle" look to it.  It can be found here:
and so can a few more ideas.
If you would like to try a fabric pine cone ornament
a you tube tutorial is here

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Humboldt Broncos
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