Wednesday, November 19, 2014

When will I learn

to keep my mouth closed!
Karl and I took a trip over to Hamilton to Ronald McDonald house to donate pillowcases, winter hats and some children's placemats.  Not all mine......girls from stitch and chat.....we just delivered.  Karl was given a tour and when we went into the dining room it looked ..... ummmmm.....sterile.  I asked if they would like some placemats for the tables for Christmas.
I counted the tables.....there are 25 of them.  What was I thinking!  Anyway, I got home, phoned Karen and I think I could see her shaking her head.  The next day I had changed my just wasn't do-able.  Then I had one of those "awe-ha" moments.  Candle Mats.  
I emailed Karen to see what she thought and then I went in search of the pattern I had that was lost when the computer crashed!  I googled, I Binged, I Yahooed and no pattern anywhere.
I went into EQ to replicate this one.
It took me a few minutes but it wasn't hard to figure out after I took the measurements of this.
Any 12 1/2" block will make a candle mat.
As I made this one ~~ with a fussy cut centre ~~
I wrote up the instructions.
Then I set about making another one with the idea I would time myself.
Well I forgot to do that,
so I made another
which I timed
20 minutes.....start to finish
I'm hoping to find battery operated candles to send along with them.  I know they are out there, I just have to find them.
Instructions in a PDF are here
This could be a quick gift for someone on your Christmas list.  
Remember a pattern is only a guideline
This is what I have in my hot little hands so far.  I know Margery has made 5 to donate.  These are from Karen, Susan and myself.

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Humboldt Broncos
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