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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Number 3 and number 4

I am finally finished all the snowman banners I am going to make.  I took a little break between numbers two and three so I could get a fresh outlook on the last ones.
I knew the front fabric and hoped I had something to co-ordinate with it for the back.  Thank goodness for my stash.  I found a perfect flannel that was going to be used for a quilt....it never was made.
The front is slightly different than the other two.  I don't think there are as many buttons but unless you have them all side by side, who would know.
I used the backing fabric to bind this one.  I didn't have enough green left over from my flannel quilt, so I wasn't given much of a choice.  I do like how it worked out.  
This one is for our daughter.
and this one is for us!
I bought this beautiful blue fabric for us.  I was a bit disappointed with it.  It frayed so badly while I worked with it.  I'm glad I cut it larger than needed.
The backing has an insert in it.  I have had that blue snowman fabric for a long time and this was all that was left.  I made the backing, and cut the binding as soon as I cut the front.
I found a blue variegated thread in my collection and decided to use it.  I should have looked at it a bit closer but I didn't.  
 This is a 12 weight thread........really thick.....remember the little poem
40 is fine
30 is thick
that means this was really thick.
But it shows on the flannel.
 I have decided to leave my serger out, so I get more use out of it.  I trimmed away the sides and overcast it.  That stopped the fraying in its tracks.
 It is exactly 1/4 inch and as I bind at 3/8", I'm just fine.
This one is different.  This time I played.
Snowflakes, scarves, and a little less quilting.
I'm ready for the first significant snowfall.
all four

Here is the link for the book I found these banners in.  You can order the book directly from 

by Maya Angelou

"Sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person's life. When you learn, teach. When you get, give."

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