Wednesday, October 29, 2014

You must remember this......

known to you as quilt #2
I popped it back up on the flannel wall to take another look at it.

To me it was very bland.  I thought about the quilting and still nothing was going to 'change it up', not even the new thread I bought to quilt it with.
Then I received my latest Quiltmaker magazine and one particular quilt set the wheels in motion.
I found some really bright fabrics and set to work.
This little sailboat from a coloring page on the web was my choice.
I cut one boat out and "auditioned" it on the quilt.
I did like how it looked, so I continued.
I added three more and "wow" 
it was looking better and better.
I stitched around the boat to make sure all the fused pieces stayed in place.
I went up to the fabric store about 5 minutes away and purchased a yellow backing.  For some reason I wanted a bright yellow for the back.  I ran into a girl I know and she suggested one fabric I had looked at, thought way too bright, and then bought it anyway.
I used two different threads to quilt it.  The gold Güterman was used for the back and the gorgeous blue Fantastico was for the top.  The blue was one of the threads I just purchased at the quilt show.

 I marked the placement for the loops in the sashing with my flower pins.  I measured it out and they are about 1 1/2" apart.  After I started this, I remembered this wasn't what I was going to do.  Ah well, too late now!

When I sew my binding down, I select the bobbins from my case that have the least amount of thread on them.  I try to keep it with pretty neutral threads.  I may get half a side, I may get the whole side sewn down.  What I do like is empty bobbins.
It also helps when sewing the binding to the other side.  I find a co-ordinating thread is sometimes hard to see.  I try very hard to just pull the binding over the stitching and a different coloured thread makes it much, much easier. 
Here it is.....the back.  Think of them as life preservers, Freda said......
 and the front.
I used the backing fabric for the binding to give it a bit more zip!

Ready for the donation pile.

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