Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Number 2....

only 1 more to go..........or maybe 2
 This one is shorter than the first one.  I couldn't fit 4 snowmen on the fabric which is leftover from my quilt, so I adapted.
I am still using up my stash fabric for this and I'm going to share with you what I used for the arms first.  Rather unusual choice but it was what I had on hand.

This was from another project from years back.  I believe it was purchased for our first flannel quilt.  Not sure about that, as it is still tucked away awaiting the arrival of November.  I liked the colour of the fabric and as I wouldn't be using large pieces you would never see the actual print.

When I traced the arms for the snowmen, I numbered them.  No that isn't unusual, but I did them this way so I wouldn't have to figure out which were the pairs.  1 and 1 would go together (1 and 1 reversed) 2 and 2 and then 3 and 3.  Saved me a few minutes when I was putting the snowmen together.
The stars.......honestly, on the first banner.....I wasn't liking them very much.  The fabric seemed to audition well, but when I fused it, well ~~ it got lost on the background.  I opted to buy something else.
The girl in the store was trying to talk me out of this one.  "But, but, but.....there are little pink flowers on it."  Well, who knows....there could be little pink flowers on those stars way up in the sky too.  I liked it and it does work.

I decided the scarves were going to be green on this banner.  The only reason for this choice was nothing else was working.
This is where that green fabric came from ~~ one small block left from a panel that I used on a backing many years ago.
I'm hoping to use a portion of this again on the next banner.  Some of those little flowers, maybe that purple sky, perhaps the rest of the tree, heck I might even use the house! 
I didn't have enough fabric left over from the background, so I went up to the local shop and found this.  Luck was with me this time.

I think this one will be given to Heather.  They've had a tough time lately and this will be a little cheer me up gift.

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Humboldt Broncos
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