Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I did shop..........

not a lot, enough to enjoy the merchant's mall and come home with a few prize possessions.
First stop was Cotton Mill Threadworks for some thread.  I wanted pink variegated, purple variegated and I bought a cone of So Fine black for doing my blanket stitch around "whatever".  I also now have all the colour cards for King Tut on hand.  I'll circle what I have in my stash and slowly I'm going to add to it.  I love King Tut for machine quilting and best of all, so does my machine.  
Now in case you are seeing something a little gleaming......two of those spools are Fantastico.  A bit of a sheen to that thread.  Think of water when you look at it and soon I'll tell you why!
Another booth I visited was Undercover Quilts and More from Fergus.  Karl and I are going up there one day soon.  Fergus not only has a quilt shop, but a fabulous shoe
store too.  I may get to both places in one day.
These are batiks for the box.  I have no plans for them.......yet!  I'm doing a lot of thinking.  They were 6 for $20 so I couldn't let them sit there.
What did I just say about panels?  Don't know why I buy them?????  Did it again!  I saw this panel lying on the table and asked Lana from the Quilt Junction if she had one on display.  As soon as she started to open it, I was a "goner".  The little reindeer sold me.  I thought I would be cutting it up  and gave that a second thought.  Perhaps the manufacturer had something on their website.  I checked the selvedge on the panel and then went and checked out the SPX Fabrics.
and found this
If you look to the bottom of the page on the left hand side, there is a design there using the panel. 

Now back to the show......
It was set up in sort of ""U" shapes, three quilts in one "U".  Sometimes it was really hard to photograph quilts, but the first set were easy.
This card was on one of the three quilts below.  They are all the same quilt......each in different colourways.  One is soft, one is bright and one is black and white.  The black and white one really caught my eye!  So different

 This quilt was called Stained Glass, by Pat Male.  How very different!!  Usually when you think of a stained glass quilt or a window you think "black".  Not this time.......grey....and it works beautifully.
The grey fabric wasn't a solid but a very tiny print.  
Thinking outside the box......great examples of this.
I didn't vote for any particular quilt.  I never do.  I'm just not a big fan......too many to choose from and everyone's ability is not the same.
This quilt pattern caught my it for the men in my life.
There is one more show for me this fall.
Brant Heritage will be holding their show the end of the month.  I'll be there.

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Humboldt Broncos
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