Thursday, September 25, 2014

One ready for Christmas

I went over to Sewing Machines, etc., and rented the long arm machine for 3 hours.  I wanted to get 2 quilts finished, one for a Christmas gift, one for myself.
 I sort of knew what I wanted to use for the pantograph.  I definitely knew I didn't want a poinsettia pattern.  It made it just a bit too much for Christmas.
I decided I liked this one.
Once that decision was made, it was time for the threads.
The top is a great mixture of different colours.  Greys, reds, creams and finding something that didn't take over was a bit of a challenge.  White didn't work as it bounced off the red, red for the same reason.  Grey wasn't blending properly either.  In the end we chose a Superior Threads King Tut called Sphinx, #996.  It doesn't look like it would work when you see it on the screen below but it blends beautifully with the fabrics.
 The backing was all the same colour......the grey tone although it was two different fabrics.  The store I purchased the backing in didn't have enough of the one fabric so I put two different ones together.
We picked another King Tut......this time Sinai #900.

The machine really does all the work for you.  I just stand back and watch and wait until it gets to the end of the row.  Then I set it up and let it start another row.

I had the label done and the binding all cut.  I decided the label would be framed the same way as I had sewn the backing together.  I had lots and lots of left-over fabric.
This time I put the label right in the middle of the back at the bottom.  I usually place it off to one side, but it was time to change things a bit.
The quilt is now bound and ready for Christmas.  Phew....another thing done!  
Can you believe, it's only 3 months until Christmas Day.

Here it is.  Poor photography.  I should have moved it to another spot but the sun was very bright the day I took the photos.

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