Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I bought a book

and the cover sold me!
The snowshoes caught my eye.......okay, okay,
it was the snowmen.
It is written by two gals that live in Saskatchewan......they have a store in Moose's called The Quilt Patch.
I wanted to see how great the directions were, so I posted this on Facebook and asked who would like one.  I got replies I can tell you.  
I went out to Sewing Machines, etc., and bought the yardage they specified, except for the bits of flannel for the trimming.  I have lots of flannel in stock that I can use.
I cut the front, and the bindings from one of the pieces of fabric.    I'm using the mottled brownish fabric for the first two.  I decided not to use this for the backing when I got home.  I have lots of fabric for that.
The first wall hanging will have a green fabric on the back. 
I had my book coiled at Staples so it would lie flat and make it easier to run the pattern off onto card stock.
                I laid a piece of black fabric over the book so I wouldn't get that grey edge to the print out.  
I auditioned fabric.  I wasn't sure about that yellow and decided it really was way too vivid.  
I decided to add some batting to the backs of the snowmen.  I trimmed the pattern back 3/8" all around and cut the batting.  (I'll only do 1/4" the next time.)
I marked the mouth with an invisible pen and then stitched it with my sewing machine, using a 30 weight Sulky black thread and a 2.0 stitch length, sewing it first one way and then going back over the stitching. If you use your appliqué foot, it helps you to see where you're going.  I've tried doing this before and liked the results.  

Day two saw me doing the blanket stitch around the snowman and then getting down to the trim.  I opted to straight stitch the stars this time.  I have problems on the corners with the blanket stitch and all I really want is to keep them firmly in place.  I used a 12 wt thread this time.  The stars didn't shine as much as I would have liked.  I'll use a different fabric the next time.
I have it done.  I didn't wait to photograph it with the binding on.  The sun was shining the day I had the top put together and squared off, so I thought I better take advantage of it.
I meandered the quilting with a few loops and circles ~~ they were all suppose to be circles.  I did my best!
There are buttons to be sewn on and snowflakes too.  The pattern didn't call for snowflakes, but I'm going to use what I have.  Truth be told I couldn't find buttons I liked in the store I was in. Guess I was in the wrong store!
If you enlarge the photo below you may be able to see how I stitched around pretty much everything to start off.  I wanted those snowmen to pop right off the background.

Here they are.  This was a great pattern.  The instructions were spot on (as my Australian mate says).
I sent this book to my BFF for her birthday.  She sat and looked through it and loves everything in it, so much that she wants to make everything.  I'm with her on that.
Okay, by the time this column was ready for posting, the buttons, the trimmings and the binding were all done.  

I am making another quilt from the book.  The one on the front.  I will follow those instructions to a "T" and I may review that too. 
Stay tuned.

A quilt show is being held in our local area this coming week-end.  We went two years ago and it was very, very good.  The hall is fabulous to hold a show in.  Take your camera with you!!!


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