Saturday, August 2, 2014

I've set myself

some challenges over the summer.
The first one was to make a backing from only the fabric I had in the house

and I did that with no problem.  Not much of any of it left over for another project which was a goal I wanted to achieve.
The next challenge was to make the front of this quilt with only the fabric I had purchased.  I designed the quilt in my mind and then put it into EQ.  I had to make some changes from the original idea but I did get the quilt done from only the fabric purchased.

Challenge number 3 was to order fabric for the
backing of the penguin quilt, buying only what I needed.  I used two quilt calculators -- one that is free and is here:
and then using the APP on my tablet.  They both said 7 yards and I thought I could do much better, so I set pen to paper and I can do it by joining one yard a few times and only buy 6 yards with some to spare!

This is the fabric.  I found it at -- a company I've dealt with before
I have block 7 done now and am happy with it. You can see I added a big bow tie.  My friend Susan S. said to me the fabric looked like shirt fabric for a tuxedo shirt.....therefore...... Tuxedo = bow tie!   I made the centre part of the bow with a little extra.....I put some batting underneath the circle and then stitched it down.  It makes it a bit puffy which is what I wanted to do.

Last challenge for now......get my Sylvia's done!  I want the entire top finished by the end of more fiddling around.  This has to be completed.  I have a backing I found in the closet that will work beautifully with it ~~  I may have to add to it, but time will tell.  I'll see if I can find a brown or blue ...... blue being the problem colour!
My last challenge is to cull fabric.  I've started with two boxes that have collected odds and ends for awhile. One bag is going to my friend Elaine N., for an organization she is involved in.  The other is for a lady that makes beds for dogs in her local humane society.  Yes, it's going....

one way or another!

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Humboldt Broncos
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