Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Today I'm going to share a story with you.  It's something that happened to me about a year ago and it still hurts.
As most of you know I'm on Facebook and I follow a lot of quilting stores, magazines, get the picture.  I like to see what's new, if there is something I can share with you that will make your life easier.
One of the quilting magazines had a little contest.  Post a picture of your favourite quilt and we will have a draw.  If we select your name you will be a guest in our next magazine as our featured quilter!
This was the quilt I selected.  I absolutely love this quilt and the pattern is no longer available so I keep it in a special bag with fabrics I've selected to make the farm animals from.
I Won!!  They selected my name!!  I announced it to Karl and he was rather pleased too.
HOWEVER, in less than 48 hours -- a lot less -- I was notified by the publisher/editor/owner, that they had changed their minds on the upcoming issue, BUT I would be featured in the spring issue.  More time to come up with more questions.
I never heard anything and then!!!!!
the magazine was out on the shelves and in our mailboxes.
Was I there?
You need to ask?
No I wasn't.
The publisher/editor/owner never got in touch with me to let me know they had changed their minds. They never apologized to me.
I have decided that I don't like the ethics of this organization and will not be renewing my subscription to their magazine.
I don't like people that don't carry through on what they say they are going to do.
I have been left with a very sour taste in my mouth and will no longer enter anything.
The owner was a "friend" of mine on Facebook and is no longer.
I no longer follow her postings about her magazine.
I did let her know that I won't be renewing my subscription to her magazine and she is disappointed to hear that!  Really.
By the way, the next issue is being photographed now so they know what is coming up in the fall issue.  I wasn't asked again.
Guess that says a lot, doesn't it?

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Humboldt Broncos
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