Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I had an amazing morning

on Tuesday not only long arm quilting, but doing it with a friend.  I had booked my quilt in for long arm quilting.......booked it so I could do it myself.  Before I go further, I did change the quilt I was going to long arm but really that is neither here nor there to you cause you didn't even know which quilt I was planning on doing.
I was there just before my booked time and Jane and I looked at pantos and selected the thread.  King Tut by Superior Threads was the choice -- one for the top and one for the backing -- both are variegated.
I was instructed on how to put the backing on and left to do it.  I did a pretty good job of it, if I do say so myself
The batting was laid on next and then the top was centered on all of it.  If I had cut the backing just a titch larger we wouldn't have to fiddle and fool with it, but we managed thanks to Jane.  Thank goodness I wasn't left to my own devices on how to figure that one and only problem out.

Jane set the pattern up on the machine and we were off.  As this quilt was a whole bunch of squares I wanted something that flowed, that had a bit of motion to it.  It wasn't hard to select from the vast array of patterns Jane has.

As we rolled the quilt I went and looked at the back.  I was liking what I was seeing, I can tell you.

 At the moment the store has two machines, so while I worked on this one, Jane popped my small quilt on the other machine and set to work. This is a gift for someone for Christmas so nothing much is being said about it.  Shhhh, don't tell!
 I'm binding this one with the same black as the sashings.  There is flannel on the back to keep a girl warm.

Here it is.........the big one that is.  We started to work at 10:00 and by 1:00 we were done.....well, done quilting.....we kept talking for awhile.  Shooting the breeze about this that and the next thing.
I'm going to bind this quilt with a gold fabric that has black stars on it.
The label is printed off and ready to sew on.
The pattern is large.....11 1/4" from top to bottom and it looks fabulous

 I was no longer through the door than her majesty decided to check it out.  Always the first to approve the quilts, this girl

I took this photo to show you the two quilts I donated to the store that hang on the wall in the long arm quilting room.  The yellow and green one and the one to the left right next to it.  Jane hangs them so people can see the different quilting that people can do.  I was very honoured to see that.
If you ever want to long arm a quilt and live in my area, visit Sewing Machines, etc., and book an appointment.  It's a lot of fun and you get to tell folks......I did it all myself from start to finish.

The story of the little cat quilt is coming.  I'll post it sometime next week

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