Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thought I would give you product reviews today and tomorrow

Three reviews on products I've tried over the past little while.  Two of them were purchased at Sewing Machines, etc.  You can probably get them too because you can order online from them.
I'm not especially fond of the lonely little light on my quilting machine, so I bought this one to help out.  It's called Mighty Bright and it is.  I can slip it off the base and because two bases come with it, I can take it from this machine and put it on another machine.  No runs on batteries.  I've thought about putting it on the Sapphire, but so far I haven't done it.  One day!

I couldn't find my gloves one day and I had a quilt to put through the quilting machine.  If I had lifted my extension table I would have found them!!  I bought a new pair.......
for $3.99!!!  I sure paid more than that for my first pair.  They are really, really comfortable and they fit -- well -- like a glove!  I now have three pairs of gloves just in case I "loose" a pair.
If you would like to order online, click HERE, in the top right corner click on shop online, and then do a search for the products.  The best prices I've seen for the gloves.....anywhere.
 Last one.  This was hard to find locally, but I did.  This is the most wonderful glue pen I've found so far.  A Sewline glue pen.  It comes with one cartridge inside, one spare and you can buy packets of spares to keep on hand.  Cody and I tried it on last week when he was sticking his patches to his pouch.  He got concerned when he over glued and the blue glue came through to the front.  Not to worry.  It dried and we couldn't find it anywhere.  I must remind him......a little dab will do you!
I did find them at The Quilting Bee, in Fonthill.

Now here is a link to a little quilt I think is really cute.  I plan on making this up when I have nothing else to do.  The only problem with the instructions is that there are no fabric requirements, so I'm going to buy 1 metre of the colours I've selected.
Link one:  
Link two:

Okay, don't want to keep you hanging.  This was "our" (and I use the term loosely, cause I didn't do much) accomplishment for yesterday.

The last two covers were for a Nintendo WII U.  If you are like me and don't have a clue what this you go.

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