Thursday, June 19, 2014

Precision sewing lesson learned

Cody is now coming every week for lessons.  The second week  was how to sew precisely....1/4" all the way.
He joined his squares together and then worked on his rows.  It took awhile but he did it.
Without any direction he put his rows together the proper way and then stitched them.
 I must say, I was quite impressed.
 Half way!  Well, almost
 This is the finished top.
We had a long break for lunch as it was take away day........sandwiches and coffees from Tim's.
Once the top was together I asked the plans for it........"I have no idea", so I suggested he keep it so he could always say "This is the first quilt I ever made."  He agreed.
We auditioned fabrics for borders and here they are go Grandma
Uhhhhh, no!
Oh, dear, my eye wanders over to the border!

Oh, I like makes the centre pop

What if we use this for the binding?
Yeah, that will work
The runner is done.  It took another day of sewing the borders and the binding on and then I hand stitched it down over the week-end.  I love doing bindings so this was a treat for me.
He wanted a pouch for his Gameboy, so he made that up on Tuesday.  He was waiting for the lining fabric and the crests to sew on.  I think they are called, he calls them patches.

Yesterday was another sew day.  We had two this week as my holidays are fast approaching.  For some unknown reason Cody wanted a thread catcher.  He has no pins for the pincushion, he owns no thread, but he saw the several of them that I have, and he wanted one.  This was what he made in a day.  He read the instructions (link provided) and started cutting while I made a pillowcase.
Cody ordered this fabric from Spoonflower for pillowcases, but it just isn't suitable for that so it will be used up for console covers and this and that.  We found more fun fabric on line, so excuse me while I go and order it for him.
Thread catcher link

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