Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Meet Paige and Petunia

I have it Fat Cat block for this month.
I decided and I mentioned it last week that I was going to do my igloo as one piece.  I highlighted the blocks of snow with a deeper shade of thread than the fabric and I think it turned out well.  This is a Sulky Blendable...30 wt.
I measured the placement of the snow blocks and then marked them on with a pencil.  I started to do it by tracing but that wasn't working out well.  When I had finished I took a look at those wrinkles and hoped it would press out.
It did.
I left the larger Penguin off until all the igloo was stitched.
I had a moment when I wondered if I had left enough room at the top for the star of the tree.  I'm not sure if it is placed the same way as the pattern and it really doesn't matter.
Fortunately I had, or my tree would have been "starless"
The only thing left to do is the stitching around the blue lights.  I don't have a blue Sulky thread amongst my stash.  I'll pick it up this week and finish off
and then re-roll my block.  

It is way too big for box I keep it in, so I rolled this one and the one from last month.
This is a tube my long arm quilter gave me from the batting she uses.  Karl cuts them to size for me.  You could use a swimming pool noodle, a mailing tube (which are available at Staples).  Anything round.  Just don't fold them as the fusible web you are using will have a permanent crease.
I think I'll take a look at next month's block.  I won't be here on the first to print it off so I'll have to do some catching up when I get home.  I'll select my background, get it cut, select my fabrics and I'll be good to go.

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Humboldt Broncos
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