Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I have a new partner....

in the sewing room.
As you can well imagine, after 5 months of being in a cast Cody is getting a little bored.  He said he wanted to learn to knit -- that was fine but what he really wanted to learn was crochet and I don't know how so I have to learn first.   That could take awhile.
We decided sewing might be easier and I can do that.  We decided a pillowcase might be the easiest, but first he had to learn the sewing machine.  Well, he mastered that in no time flat.  Then it was onwards and upwards for him.
I had on the cutting table a tiny wee piece of the blue background fabric and a strip of the yellow from the border.
There was also one other fabric that looked pretty good with the yellow so we decided to go ahead with the yellow strip and this one.

Cody ironed all the fabric for the case and I did the cutting to start with.  He is 19 so no worries about a rotary cutter in his hands.
I told him funny stories about when he was little while we worked away.  The stories you keep just between him and you.
I bought a retractable blade cutter because the grands were little and little ones become inquisitive.  I figured this was a good one cause they would never cut their fingers.  I should have known that Cody would be the one to press the red button on it, open the blade and then ask "what's this for"?  Grandma nearly had a fit!

His first seam was a titch off, so we unpicked it.  I told him not to worry...........that's why some great person invented seam rippers.

He set back to work and continued on his way.  He had the band sewn together in no time flat.  He pressed the seam allowances and then back upstairs to the sewing machine.  (Next time we will sew downstairs.  We got our exercise I can tell you and he is still in an air cast.)
 When it came time for the final seam allowance.....a french seam it was.......I placed a post it note at the stitch line and secured it with masking tape.  It made it easier for him.
I warned him that I can spot a 1/4" seam allowance from across the table but he will too in no time flat.
 This is it.  His first finished project!  A gift for his girlfriend Emily to go with her new quilt.  A pillow is in the works, but we have to design it first.  He took home EQ7 to install in his laptop so he can fiddle and fool.

This is project number two.  He selected the fabrics and this is what we came up with.  No idea what it will be at the moment except good practice for 1/4" seam allowances.

He does want one of these for his game boy???? or whatever it is called.  He needs some "cool" fabric for it, so a trip to the fabric store is in order.

Aw shucks, don't know as I can handle that.

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