Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Well, I wasn't too sure

I thought I would critique one of my works that I just finished up.  When I started with these fabrics
I thought I had done well with the choosing.  Jane, the gal that helped me out, was happy with the result too.
I knew what I was going to make so I started with the backing  ~~ left overs from the scrap table.....yes, I have a table full of them!  Keep them visible you will use them up.
I absolutely love how this turned out.  

Back to the front.  I was doing a quilt as you go.  Sandwich the backing and the batting, then sew the strips down through all the layers.  I start at the bottom with a 1" wider strip than the rest of them.  I had figured out I needed 3 of one green, 3 of the other....cut them 2 1/2" wide by about 38".  My finished quilt was to be 36" x 36" 
I did the whole thing.......all the greens, all the tan/browns.

making sure all the tans were running in the same direction
It looked good --sort of --and then I was going to put on the appliqué.  My pattern was from a quilt I've done before and the block would have been 10".  I thought wow this will work and then I started to doubt it.  He seemed so tiny but I went ahead because I really, really wanted this lamb.
I added some flowers, which by the way are all flannels, to the grass because the lamb ~~ and yes, I know he is white, but my lambs are clean!  At least, that's what I told Karl when he mentioned to me that sheep/lambs never have white wool encasing their bodies.  Darn farmers!
I did all the stitching, including some focal stitching on my white lamb, added a little something to the flower and by george, I now like it!  The lamb doesn't seem quite so small anymore and I believe it's because I did some free motion quilting to bring your eye to him.
I opted for a binding that was opposite from the fabrics.  It was a pain to do, so I'm not getting into it. It had to match "bang on" and that required some fancy maneuvering.

Done now!  On the pile.  I have one more to make up and that's it for awhile.  Back to my sewing.

Okay, I never noticed until Saturday that the "opposite" pillowcase wasn't on the blog.  Here it is......
Somedays I love blogger......somedays I don't

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Humboldt Broncos
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