Thursday, May 15, 2014

Three more

I decided my donation for now would be 20 pillowcases.  We'll see what I do in the fall.  Anyway, these are the latest three and I wanted to feature them because I personally love the fabrics in all of them.
First is this one, which I call Square Flowers.  (I do keep a record of my pillowcases and give them names, so I can distinguish them from each other.)
The fabrics I've been choosing lately have been really bright and fun to work with.
I did a fancier cuff this time and it's different than the one I did on Cody's pillowcase.
The strips are cut 2 1/2" x 6 1/2".  The bright blue on the "flange" piece was used to line the cuff.   I cut it smaller....I believe 4 1/2", so that when I sewed them together to the body it pulled a bit of the striped cuff to the inside.
If you scroll down a bit, you will see what I mean.
It was easy to do and by pulling it inside a bit, I didn't have to worry about that blue peeking through to the right side of the case.
There are 20 strips to make the cuff......10 of one fabric, 10 of the other
Sew the lining to the cuff, before you sew the cuff to the pillowcase.  I used the "sausage" method to make the case.

I love this cuff fabric.  After we selected it, we went on to choose the co-ordinate.  The cuff fabric is a Free Sprit fabric and it was designed by Kathy Davis.    It is called Sweet Birdie.  I love all the wording on it.  If you look at the opposite pillowcase (below) you can read it.  It is just pure fun....and really, really girly!

I added rick-rack to this case and won't do it again.  I definitely got that idea out of my system.  It added a lot of bulk to the side seam and I had to use my walking foot to get through it.  I also broke my brand new needle!  I was not amused.
The coral fabric was designed by Erin McMorris, it is called La-Dee-Da and it is also from Free Spirit.
Free Spirit fabrics are beautiful.  They have a great weave and they feel good in your hands when you work with them.

Okay here is the opposite pillowcase.  If I had a little girl, I would be keeping this one!!

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