Thursday, May 8, 2014

I went back

to Sewing Machines, etc. and purchased "some" fabric.  Now, I've been really good this year in using up what I've got, but you know some of those beauties told me I had to buy and I listened to that voice in my head.
 These were picked for a quilt I've got in mind.  A quilt as you go so it will be done in a day.....almost a day.  I was thinking of using this design
and then using my own appliqué from another pattern I have in my stock.  I'll keep you posted.
I had the band fabric left-over from another pillowcase so I chose this for the next one.  Of course, now I'll have another band and the purchasing will continue!
I found that blue in my stash and it will make a great band for these owls.  They are so cute!  I'm thinking outside the box for that fabric.  I'll have to go back and see if they have some co-ordinates.

This was the last of the purchasing for pillowcases.  I love this fabric.....the pink print....and I bought 3 meters.  I have already used a piece for a backing and saved the trim for a cuff on a pillowcase.  It is from Northcott and it's called Mulberry Lane.  You saw it yesterday on the back of the latest baby quilt.
Ahhh, now that black and white jacket.  W.e.l.l.......things didn't turn out to be all black and white.  Linda showed me this one that I hadn't seen and I started the purchasing of this line.  It is from 
Tim Holtz for Coats.  It is a beautiful line and will work well for the jacket, I'm thinking.  I'm buying 1 metre lengths and will use the leftovers for the lining.  

That was it.  All I bought this time around.  I walked away for under $150.  Leaves me money for the next time!
There is a big Creative Festival in Toronto every spring and fall.  Sewing Machines etc were going and I panicked!  I figured they would take this fabulous line of fabric with them and I wouldn't be able to complete my selections for my jacket.  
To make a long story short........
Stitch and chat tomorrow.  I haven't even shown you what we did last month.  I'll rectify that next week when I'll do both days.

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Humboldt Broncos
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