Wednesday, April 23, 2014

We were late

getting together for stitch and chat in March.  The Museum is busy during March break with children's activities so we met the last Friday of the month.  We were back to normal in April.....two months to go for the inaugural year of our group.
I'm going to start with Margery's work.  These are the sweetest bunnies you will ever see.  The pattern is from Rabbit's Haven.....from British Columbia in Canada
This little wallhanging is for her daughter and her family.  They will love it.
 Margery was doing the binding on this quilt.  Wish it was coming to my house.......

Dinah's work for the day was some redwork.  This is the pattern
 and this is the work.  Absolutely lovely.
Andree was doing some handwork too.  I believe this is a commission piece.....this lady is in her 80's but you would never know it.  When we announced the quilt shows we have lined up to visit, she was the first one to say "Yes, Yes, Yes."  I think she has her bag packed already!
Aurea brought along some work that she is doing for her guild.  They make these little blocks into baby quilts to give out to our community.  Each one has blanket stitch around them.  They are really cute when they are all together.
Elaine was binding this one.  I didn't think to ask who it was for......I didn't think to ask anything about it and she was sitting right beside me the whole day!
Me, I was doing binding too, but that will be included in my "finished" posting later this month.

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Humboldt Broncos

Humboldt Broncos
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