Thursday, April 3, 2014

Warning!!!! I had problems

with the Penquin this month.  Pixie doesn't go together as well this month.  She seems to be a bit shy of overlap in places.
I traced, fused and cut according to the sheet, but when I went to put it together, the face just and I mean just! covers the black of the body.   Either make the body a bit wider or the face.  I would do the body as it won't be seen.  See the photo of where I would increase it.  I would make the scarf just a wee bit longer too.  I had problems with it going from one side to the t'other!
I opted to build this one as seeing through with just the print off from the computer really isn't dark enough when you pick dark fabrics.

I fused the eyes to the "face" and the nose to the scarf.  Not the top part of the nose, just the bottom.  I wanted to make sure I had it centered, as the eyes were already in place and that nose has to fit in between.

Once they were done I did the entire penguin.  As I said I had troubles, but with the stitching I'm hoping it will be okay.  It just overlaps and that is all.
As I wanted to let you all know right away, the blanket stitch isn't done yet.  I fused and ran up to the computer and typed this up. I hope to get to it over the week-end.
Next month I will be a wiser woman and make the inner part of the body larger to start with.  Perhaps a 1/4 inch as I can gauge that pretty well.
Good Luck.

By the way, there were two columns posted today.  I didn't want you to miss the first one which is just below this one.

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Humboldt Broncos
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