Thursday, April 17, 2014

I took a wee break

I'm still at the pile of "stuff" in the sewing room.  It should be going down, but for some reason I'm not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.
I took a little break one Saturday morning and did this:
I gathered a bunch of odds and ends from the garbage bucket and started to cut them
I grabbed a Folger's can that was in storage (for what purpose I do not know)
popped a bit of sand in the bottom, then some paper
and after spending a few minutes cutting I put everything on top of the paper.
I took my thread catcher and put all those little bits in too
Then I took the bucket outside and hid it amongst the euonymus that is growing against the fence
I had noticed a Robin in there a few days before and I know they nest amongst the branches.
I wouldn't have been out there, but Margery mentioned to me that she had one hearty crocus blooming in her garden so I went to see if anything had decided to pop up in this bed.  There was nothing and honestly I didn't think so.  This bed is open to all the elements.

When I wrote this column no crocus were to be found......look at them now

I have a little tip for you today.  I thought of it last night while I fiddled and fooled at the computer while Karl watched his tv show.

If you are in a quilt shop, ask if their fat quarters were cut by them, or they purchased them through a supplier.
If cut by the store, they are probably cut metric, about 20" x half the width.  If cut by the manufacturer they will be cut 18" x half the width.
That two inches can make a difference when you are cutting your fat quarter for piecing.

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Humboldt Broncos
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