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Thursday, March 13, 2014

We stitched and we chatted

When you sit in a room with a group of ladies and don't talk.......just listen......there is a steady pleasant hum of voices.  You don't really notice it when you are sitting with them, but if you get up and leave the room and come back in.................it is the nicest sound in the world.

Last month I looked around the room and was surprised to see a lot of people working on bindings.  I didn't take photos of those quilts ~~ which I now regret ~~ but I did take these to share with you.

Sharon brought in her first block from the Penguins on Parade......
these are so cute.  I just love this quilt.

Charleen was working on her quilt.  She is just about done.  I think she only has the borders to do and some stitching.  It is looking gorgeous.  Much much better than the original photo of the quilt.  IMHO!

Both of us bought this pattern for placemats.  Charleen has all of hers done and I can't find the pattern!  Figures.  They look great.  There are 4 sets.  Some for family too.

Now isn't this the cutest????  Eileen is making a quilt for her new grandson.  What are little boys made of?  
This quilt will tell you and guess, just guess.  Yes, it's a freebie on the internet.

The quilt is called Blue Lad's Quilt and you can download the pattern 
Eileen is going to be doing needle turn appliqué, but if you want to do it fusible web, remember to print the pattern off on card stock so you can trace around the pieces.  Makes it much easier for you.

While Charleen was working away on her blanket stitch, someone said.   "Look, your fabric matches the cookies."  By George it does
These are Strawberry Cream Cheese cookies.  I adapted a recipe I found on the internet.  They were good.  I'd make them again.

I didn't say on the recipe, but I did add 3 drops of red food coloring.  They were for Valentine's Day.

quilting fabric.......

Now in case you missed all that.........Sewing Machines, etc., are moving into their new location this week-end!!  Yes on Tuesday, March 18th the store will be in the same shopping centre but down by the bead store.  Drop in, wander around, see what's new.  

I'm telling you I can't wait!  I'm saving my money!  I've heard great things about the new fabrics.

by Maya Angelou

"Sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person's life. When you learn, teach. When you get, give."

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