Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Post number 1000!!!

I really wanted to try something so I made this up in a day.  The fabric choice was some flannelette that has been around for awhile.   It is from Northcott Fabrics and is called Flirty Birdies

I had this selected for the binding, but the best laid plans of mice and men.......

I wanted to try marking my first stitching line with a carpenter's chalk line.  This little task is best done with two people, but I managed it by myself.  Karl has one in his workshop with bright blue chalk in it.  
He told me that you can get different colour chalk and I will when I buy one for the sewing room.

It is easy to use.  Unwind the cord that is coated in chalk.  I laid one end on Karl's work bench and held it in place with something heavy.  I took the toggle to the other corner, held on to it and then snapped the cord.    It worked perfectly.  By the way, Karl did a test and it does wash away.

I stitched on this line and then moved my needle over and kept going until all the lines were sewn.

I finished it up later in the day.......straight stitching is boring......and as the green fabric was buried and I did a teen-ager thing of walking into the room and saying "I can't find it", I pulled out the pink and it worked well.
I rounded off the corners this time and made bias binding.  I don't do that fancy stuff of continuous binding......I use my 45* angle on a straight edge of the fabric and continue to cut strips until I have enough.  Then I sew them together.

the back and
the geraniums blooming in the sewing room window.

a snow impression.  It doesn't seem to take much to leave the impression of the quilting in soft, fluffy snow.

The day I took this photo was beautiful.  A sky so blue (February 16th) and the sun was shining.  This is the mound of snow at the end of our driveway.  Between us and the town we are almost at a good slope size for tobogganing.

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Humboldt Broncos
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