Tuesday, February 11, 2014

This is how I make

a star block.  I'm not saying it's right, but it works for me.

Quiltmaker magazine

I do all the half square triangles like they instruct me to do.......sort of.  If they tell me to cut my squares 2 7/8", I cut them 3".  I'm not fiddling and fooling with 1/8".  It gives me some to trim away and I'm sure I have a 2 1/2" square when I'm done.
I do follow the way the make them up.  Draw a line down from corner to corner with the finest point.  The fatter the line the more you tend to be off.

After I have made my square up, I press the seam open!  Do not iron it.  You can distort your square if you move your iron back and forth.

I press the seams whichever way they want to go.  This time I pressed the top and the bottom towards the outsides and the middle row towards -- well, the middle!
Okay I can hear you asking why does she press it open.  BULK is the answer.  Sometimes when you are sewing your squares together there is so much bulk from 4 layers, that your machine stalls, the fabric somehow ends up in the bobbin case and you are fiddling and fooling trying to get it out.  This way, I have found, you don't get that.  You just sew right through.

They finished up quickly and I'm almost thrilled with them.  Almost, not quite.

Treat time!  Stitch and chat means bring it out and show it to us!

Susan brought along two of her latest.  They are beautiful.  I don't have the measurement of the first one, but the second one is a king.  They are both off to the long arm quilter as soon as her backing fabric arrives.  14 days to get's coming all the way from New Hampshire.
Someone asked Susan about putting borders on this one, but I think it looks fabulous just the way it is.  I think this is one of those quilts that simply does not need one.  It will be finished with binding in the dark brown.
This is her second one.  Susan is not afraid of color and she has sure helped me a lot with bringing myself out of my pastel mode.

This quilt belongs to Ursula and I was thrilled to see it.  The first workshop I taught was the Underground Railroad quilt.  We had 3 sessions, 3 blocks each time.  Ursula made 3 more so her quilt was larger.  She is hand quilting it.
Oakville has a history with the underground railroad.  You can do a bike tour of the history or drop into our Museum.  It is an amazing story.

Hey all,

If you are joining me on the Love Blooms quilt from Quiltmaker, the latest magazine is now on the market.  I picked mine up on Sunday at Chapters.  Felt good, I didn't have to pay for it!!!  Oh those gift cards are so handy.

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