Thursday, February 6, 2014

Love blooms here

I started it!  I have my three blocks done and am ready for the next magazine to either arrive at my doorstep or find it at the book store.

I decided to once again subscribe to Quiltmaker as it is one of my favourite quilting magazines.  It will also be cheaper to have them mail it to me, than for me to buy it at the store.  Sorry, Chapters.

The blocks go fairly quickly and the tracing is reversed for you.   You will have to turn it over if you want to use it a placement guide.  I didn't bother.  I winged it.

Yes, it is all finished now!  All embroidery done.

I have a complaint for the person I bought my background fabrics from.  I was in a booth at the Quilt Show up in Kitchener last year and there were a whole lot of fabulous fabrics in neutrals all packaged up together.  The price was great -- that should have been a clue -- so I bought some.
You never know when you will need good neutrals!
Well, the darn things aren't cut metric.  They measure only 18 1/2"!
This block is 13 1/2 x 18 1/2" which would be fine if I was expecting that.  I cut the 13 1/2" the wrong way and ended up with not enough fabric.  I had to select another one.I was not amused!  If you are going to sellpre-cut American fat quarters, warn the Canadian consumer.  We aren't used to "short fats."
I decided to think "outside the box" for the next block.  I selected fabrics usually not associated
with "hearts".  I want different on this wall hanging.  As you can see I really did go out of my box on this one.
I think it looks good though.

The star blocks were the last two to do.  I made them up one Sunday afternoon instead of sandwiching quilts.  (I don't like that job.)

Next Tuesday, a short how to on making a star block.

and then I'll show you some.........

Okay this is for all of you that didn't get any white stuff this winter.  

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