Thursday, January 16, 2014

Well, between this, that

and the next thing, I didn't get anything accomplished sewing wise between Christmas and New Year's.

We went to Peter's for a great Christmas dinner and left around 8:30 to head for home.  I noticed a twinge in my back but figured it was just old age!  Well, it wasn't.  I have deteriorating discs in my back and arthritis has settled in between two of them.  It decided that December 26th was a good day to attack me.  It lasted for 4 days.  I could not sit for any length of time and walking was extremely difficult.  I was nearly doubled over and unable to straighten up.  Such is life and the way things go from time to time with me.  Day 5 saw me back in the kitchen making turkey pot pies and starting to do a few things around the house.

We cancelled our dinner with our daughter's family but they came over to exchange gifts.  I spent 4 days on the living-room sofa and thank goodness I had just purchased a book to read over the holidays.  It's finished!

That isn't exactly what I came on here to tell you, but it leads up to it.  I had my iPod handy and Karl moved my dock closer to me so I could recharge.  It isn't the easiest thing to type on, but I can read and read I did.

I found a posting on Facebook, don't know who, don't know where, but it's about a website I had never heard of.  Springpad is the name, making your life easier is their game!  (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

I started a bunch of notebooks on the website.    I find I don't remember as well as I used to and I need a place to write things down so I can find them easily.
I have all the gifts listed we gave this Christmas including the decoration the grands received.  Gee, I forgot to list Kristina's!  I'll have to go and note that.

If you have an Apple computer you have a couple of options.  You can download Evernote or this one.  I opted for this one and have no reason why.  I do know this one is good for both Microsoft and Apple.
Okay, these are the last for today.
I like these.  It isn't English, but I think you could figure it out.  I have to find some very good felt or some wool to try these.

I decided to check out some freebies.  I know a couple of distributors here in Canada, so I ventured over to their website to find some more "stuff" for us, cause every girl needs "stuff",
This is the project page from Blend Fabrics.
The first thing I thought of when I saw this project was cobwebs and appropriately enough it is Hallowe'en.
If you are looking for Hallowe'en fabric out of season, check out this site:
There are a lot more patterns on Blend Fabrics page.

Timeless Treasures, a fabric company, offers these projects:
I love this one and may just have to make it up this year
You could do it with fat quarters from a bunch of different fabric lines, 
brings me to the word for the year.
Last year I wanted to "evolve"
This year I want to be
I simply have to rid this house of "stuff".  Fabric "stuff", crafty "stuff".  If I don't buy new things, then I'll be saving money to put towards my bucket list.
I have one thing on there I really want to do and by not spending money on quilting and using what I have, I may be able to achieve it.
I want to take a train ride, not just any train ride, I want to ride the
Rocky Mountaineer.  

I think I'll add this here.  A friend of mine that lives way out west said she was a bit stressed this past year, trying to get everything done at the last minute.  
Here's my suggestion.
Find a box.  Any box will do.
Make a list of those you give gifts to.  You will be cutting this list up so that you can draw names.
Put that list in the box.
Now, pull a name from the list.
That is the person you are making a gift for in January.
When that gift is done, put it into the box.
Leave the box where you can see it, so you will remember to make another gift next month.

I started with the grands Christmas decorations.  They are in the box and in February I hope to make up something for someone else.  Don't know who yet, but I have ideas.

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