Thursday, January 9, 2014

I love to give and I love to

receive homemade gifts.  It doesn’t have to be much, something simple like a gift bag
will make me happy.  (Our little friend Julia who is three did the one on the left and Morgan did the one on the right.)
And then you get the artistic granddaughters who spend their evenings creating something for you to enjoy year after year.
  Morgan purchased the birdhouse with her “chore” money, and then she painted it with snowflakes and Christmas trees. 
I suggested we hang it in the birch tree outside the living-room window, but Karl said it wasn’t waterproof, so he found a spot on the tree.  I don’t know whether Misty thought a bird was inside waiting to come out or not, but she got pretty curious about it.
Taylor created a Christmas card for us.  She works with pencil and it has to be a particular kind (don’t ask me, because I’ve forgotten now).  This was our card and our gift. 
I think we may be framing this one and putting it up on the living-room wall.  It’s too bad we can’t do both the inside and the outside in the frame.  Perhaps I can figure it out.

I love the Christmas tree she drew.  I was going to say I would hire her to design our Christmas cards next year, but we have decided that if Canada Post puts their rates up to $1.00 per card we won’t be sending any.  We’ll be doing it the new fangled way.

We did receive many other beautiful gifts from our family.  Slippers (which never go astray) and as soon as Karl saw the new ones, the old pair came off his feet and they were into the garbage!  Those are the slippers.  For some reason Misty has taken a liking to them.  She licked them, she rolled on them, she caressed them, she slept on them!  We phoned Kristina and asked her if she had put some catnip on them.  The answer was no.

We will be shopping and dining for sometime to come with all the gift cards we received.
I have lots of money to spend at my favourite Canadian bookstore chain, so I’ll be getting my 3 favourite quilting magazines every month this year. 
Oh, that reminds me.  I just bought an issue of Quilts and More magazine before Christmas.  There is a great little article in it on how to wear scarves.  I may be putting that to use making my new snowmen.  A tutorial on them is starting next week.

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Humboldt Broncos
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