Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hey honey bun!

There are an awful lot of different fabric cuts on the market right now.  We've got charms, honey buns, candy....... but what are they all?

Here you go.  A link that identifies all of them and straight from the horse's mouth ~~ so-to-speak.

The reason I posted?  Well, I wanted to make a backing for the table runner and I wanted some pizzazz to it.  I wanted to try something new and on one of the pages for a quilting magazine they talked about a sliced nine patch.  I went searching and found this:

I didn't have a honey bun and had no idea what it was, but I do now.  I saved this listing for future reference, because I'm sure I'll run into the same problem again.

What they direct you to do and what I did are two different things.  I didn't have a honey bun and wasn't going to buy one, but I did have lots of backing fabric.  So step by step, this is what I did and you can too.

Make your nine patch the same way you always do, 3 across, 3 down

Place your ruler on the seam at the 2 1/4" marking.  Slice it vertically.

I cut my sashings 2" wide and the length of the block, to finish at 1 1/2"

Sew the first set of sashings in place and then press your block.  Press it well.

Measure the length of your block and cut 2 more sashings 2" x that measurement.
Place your block on the cutting mat and slice the block opposite to what you just sliced it.

Sew those sashings in place

You can give this block a different look by playing with the outer set

I had some charms left over, so I sewed three together and then sliced those as well.
I sewed it all together with sashings in between and then added a border.  I would love to find that white/grey for the binding, but as this is the year of "frugal" I'll use what I have in stock.
  the front and back
I like this block.  I would do it again, someday, when I don't have anything else to do and I need to buy fabric!  Buying fabric won't be happening for awhile.
I finished......sandwiched, quilted and bound.

I kept the quilting very simple.  I didn't think it needed anything fussy as this is what they are now calling "modern" quilting.

I used the edge of my walking foot as my guide and masking tape.

I stitched from the edge to the centre of the bottom block and back to the edge.  I then stitched the width of my walking foot.  I placed some masking tape on the edge of the stitching for the next section to be quilted.  I just kept going until that area was done.  I did it three times.  Then I moved into the middle using the same idea.
I completed one end and then did the other end.  The second day I worked on it, only took me one hour.  I timed myself by turning on my favourite afternoon show.

The fabric line is called Winter's Lane by Kate and Birdie from Moda

I used an 80/20 batting and thread from Connecting Threads.  I puddled all my grey threads on the top and one of them was absolutely perfect.  How lucky was that!

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