Friday, January 10, 2014

Find yourself a large

cardboard box.......well maybe not too large to start off with.

This year I'm hoping to post one idea per month to get you ready for Christmas 2014!  I do believe in starting early.
Because it's January, I thought we would start with snowmen!  Little tiny baby sock snowmen.
These fit into an egg cup.
I purchased the socks at Baby r Us.  99 cents a pair.
These little socks have a bit of elasticity around the ankle.  
I bought one pair of ankle socks and one pair of
regular length socks in red.
The ankle socks make a hat like a toque
and the pair with the shank you can do this with
They are very easy to do.
Oh, the scarves???  A bit of flannel from the flannel box.  You could knit one if you wanted to.  It wouldn't take much.
I'm going to start with the hats.  Tomorrow we'll make the snowman.  I try to make different hat styles so the snowmen are individuals.  The first hat is the brown stripe.  Two different ways, but basically the same.
You only need the shank portion of the sock for both of them.  
I tossed the toe part.  Wasteful, I know.
Depending on whether you want a toque or a pompom(s) depends on which way you stitch it.  Right side or wrong side.
This is the WRONG side because I opted to put pom-poms on.
Gather the top close to the edge making sure you secure the stitches when you are done.  Turn the hat right side out.

If making the toque style, gather the hat on the RIGHT side and secure.

Now the red hat. 
I gathered the shank part of the sock through the middle.  The sock on the right in the following photo was also gathered at the top and then placed down on the side and stitched in place.
The hat on the left was gathered in the middle and then snipped and it curled by itself.

The scarves on all the snowmen are done differently.  Cut a long length of flannel or cotton so you can play with it.  Think of how you tie your scarf and then do it on the snowmen.
I really like them when the scarf is cut wide.  Leave them long as these are decorations for the tree. 
Hmmmmm, think I may have to redo one of those scarves.  It's a bit narrow.  

Tomorrow, we'll do the snowman body

I just did a few things differently.

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