Thursday, December 19, 2013

I am finished

officially!  No more Christmas sewing to do.  (I'm writing this on December 5th so I'm pretty proud of myself).

This is for Julia, our wee friend that lives down the street.  It isn't really a Christmas gift.  She is getting it in time to bake with her Mommy for Christmas.  

This pattern was super!  The only thing I would change are the fabric requirements for a toddler.  You can actually do the front and back from a fat quarter.  The extra that is listed is for hot pads and I'm not a big fan of little ones taking things from an oven or working on a stove.  Only my opinion.

The fabric was purchased at Sewing Machines, etc., in Burlington, Ontario.  The front is from Riley Blake and the lining is from VIP (that is all it said on the selvedge).  They work so well together.
I have no idea of the solid but once again, three different lines that just clicked!
By the way, all the fabrics were under $10 a metre.

The pattern is from Atkinson Designs.
I had no idea who carried it in my area and as I'm not into running from store to store to find it, I asked my friend Michelle if the store she worked in carried it.  She ordered it in for me and I asked her to add another to the order for Karen.
Fabric Crafts 'n More in PEI, really go out of their way for their customers.

The apron took me one morning!  That was all.  That counts from start to finish.  The only thing left to do at the end was sew on a button, but I had to buy one so I'll stitch that on before it is given away.
Okay, ONE tip when and if you ever buy this pattern and make it up.
The directions tell you to cut away the arm area.  I folded both my fabrics in half with right sides together as that is how you will see it when you have all your pieces ready to go.

I have one more apron to make, this time for Morgan.  It's not a gift just something for her.  She is coming to help me bake on the 14th......or maybe she has already been here.

Tomorrow is our boy's birthday.  He will be 46 years old.  I can't believe that many years have passed and remember so many happy times with him.  A great kid we are very proud of.
Happy Birthday Peter!  Love you.
If you see him tomorrow in his Tim Horton's truck, 
(It better not look like this!!!)
give him a wave over there in Grand Bend.

That's it for this year.  Baking is done, sewing is done, decorating is done, housework.......well that is never done is it.

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous next year!

I'll be back around the 7th of January -- I think that's a Tuesday -- people should put their glasses on before they read the fine print.

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