Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Found this for us

Cruising the internet and I found these.
 Aren't they pretty?
 I went up to Michaels and after a long search I finally found the styrofoam balls to make them.  They have moved everything all over the store.  The ribbon isn't where it used to be, they moved the balls, the pins are overpriced............

Anyway, I sat one evening and made one.
I cut the fabric in the afternoon into 2" squares so I just sat in my chair, folded and stuck in each one.

I did two things different from the instructions.  I didn't use a bow at the top (because I can't tie a nice looking one) and I put one square of fabric on the bottom before I started.
I have three made as of writing this.  I snapped these photos on our blue spruce tree in our front yard.
They are called fabric puff ornaments and the directions are here

Okay this is the final photo.  I tried something with one of them and liked how it came out.

I took the green fabric and went around in a circular fashion from the bottom to the top and then put in the cream coloured fabrics.  A different look completely.
 This one was made from a panel.  It was a Scandinavian design and had a lot of little squares on it so that you could make tags, place holders, whatever.  I don't know what possessed me to buy it, but it is used up now.  Every piece is slightly different.
All of them.  No hangers.  They aren't going on the tree.  I'm leaving them on this plate.  
It was given to us years ago by Karl's brother and his wife.  1966.......our only Christmas spent in Denmark.

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Humboldt Broncos
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