Thursday, November 28, 2013

Product review

of something I'm sure I have talked about before.

I love using fusible web because it is so much faster than hand appliqué.  A lot of reasons I don't care for hand appliqué.......I have trouble threading needles and it takes me a long, long time to complete a project.  With the "web" I can get my projects finished in a faster amount of time.

This product is called "Transweb" and I have only found it at one store,
Made of 100% polyamide webbing, Trans-Web™ is machine washable and dry-cleanable. It’s the easiest way to transform any piece of fabric into an iron-on appliqué.

 Sewing Machines, etc., in Burlington, Ontario.  I have my preferences when it comes to fusible web and this is number one.  As you know, I just finished up two mug rugs for Karl and I.  There was a lot of stitching on both of them and when I checked my needle during and when I was finished, there was not an "inth" of sticky on it.  I gave up on several brands just because of that!  If it is adhering to my needle, is it down in the bobbin case??????  In a lot of places I was sewing through 3 layers of fusing.  I also find this product to be a less stiff (poor English I know) than other brands.

When using it, I do not use steam!  This is not Steam a Seam so please don't.  It works much better with pressing and a dry iron.  I do score the paper on the back when it is time to remove it.  It does remove easily.

The product is sold by the metre and after speaking with Erika at the store, I found out it sells for roughly $4.00 a metre and it is 17" wide.  They do not carry it prepackaged.  As of writing this column, it wasn't featured on their web page, but you could contact them and talk to them about it.  Click on "shipping" on the home page and all your information is there.

Okay now back to the mug rugs.  I told you yesterday that I used Gutermann and Connecting Threads for the stitching on the sleigh.  When it was time to machine quilt them, I pulled a Superior Thread, Masterpiece out......Canvas was the colour...... and did the free motion quilting with it.  The first thing I did was sew around the entire sleigh.  I have found over the years I don't get puckering if I do it this way.  I used a Hobbs Heirloom fusible batt and just used up a piece of muslin that was lying on the cutting table for the back.

The top rug is mine and the bottom one belongs to Karl.  I wanted to try the "gold" thread for the stars and now I wish I had done both that way.  Oh well, that's the way it goes.
I'll find out who is the messiest in the family this way.  I'll probably win!

As I said yesterday all of the quilting on the sleigh was done with my regular foot on my machine.  I used the appliqué foot so I could see what I was doing.  
I did free motion all around the sleigh and parcels.  You can see in this photo how I machine quilted as close to the sleigh as possible.  

More next week as we get ready for the 25th.  It will be "freebie" week!!!

I've been tracking my parcel to Morton, Illinois.  Its well on its way!!!

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