Tuesday, October 8, 2013

When the grands were little

we made a decision.  No more tablecloths for special family gatherings!  That mean Easter, Thanksgiving, birthdays (not mine cause then we barbecue) and Christmas.  From then until now we have used


I love them.  I have placemats stacked inside my linen cupboard.  I have four on the table every day of the week.  One for each of us, one for the middle of the table and one to hold the "hot mat", made by my Dad and used every day.

I took a glance at the fabrics left over from the dining-room window runner, peeked at the pattern, and started to cut my fabric.  I laid them out in what I thought was a lovely design and snapped a photo.  I had a binding to put on a quilt and this was work for 
another day.

The "another day" arrived and I set to work.  
I didn't need all those fabrics.  I only needed four plus the one in the middle.  I have enough for two with some fabrics and two with others.  

It will work as all the fabrics look great together.  The other two will just give more punch to the table.

Our dishes look great on the mat.  Sorry the photo is so dark....... but  I noticed that and decided to grab the "mat", take it outside and snap the photo again.

Here are the four of them.

Turkey dinner with all the trimmings.  We have it by ourselves now as our kids all work on the week-end.  Our son will be delivering coffee and such to Tim Horton's stores in and around Ontario, and our daughter will be dispensing drugs to those that are ill.  I will be eating turkey, taters, squash, gravy, stuffing, cranberries and apple pie!

The pattern is called Spiral Placemats  by Designs to Share with you.
I ordered mine through a quilt shop in British Columbia called Satin Moon
The link to their store is

Got a link for you.  The 12 weeks of Christmas

There was some discussion over on our quilting forum about this pattern.  Someone said they couldn't embroider so a suggestion was made to google snowflake patterns and using different types of fabric make up snowflakes using fusible web and place them on instead.  If you use a very dark background, like a navy blue it would be stunning.  Vary the size and design of the snowflakes too.

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Humboldt Broncos
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