Thursday, October 3, 2013

This was quickly made

      Okay, yesterday's runner ended up in the living-room window because it was sooooooo long and didn't fit the dining room.

     I decided to take some fat quarters, I thought would be made into a fall jacket for myself, but it never was made.   Laziness?  Didn't need it?  Who knows.  These are just three of the beautiful fabrics Jan sent me a few years ago for a Christmas gift.

Untitled     I chose these and added to them from my stash......yes, I'm using my stash just like I said I
was going to.  I found the pattern I wanted but not where it should have been.  I ended up going on the internet and refreshing my memory.  The pattern is here, but I think it's violating copyright laws.  This is just way too familiar with the one that was written up.

     You can make this pattern as long or as short as you like.  You just keep adding strips.  I fussy cut the centre and then started adding the 2 1/2" strips.  I sewed it right to the needlepunch and if I had the fusible type in stock, I would have added the backing too.

Untitled     I had half of it done by mid-afternoon and completed this much after supper.  I was on a roll.

     The following afternoon I sat and put on the final strips and the side border (which I now realize could have been wider)

     No binding!  This was a quick fast project.
I made the backing by folding the backing in half, sewing about 1/2" in from the fold, using a basting stitch about half way for maybe 25-30 stitches.

I call this the "thirds" rule of backings.  Stitch regular length for 1/3, then baste for 30 stitches, then regular length again until you reach the end.  Don't forget to re-enforce the beginning, the middles and the end!!!


     With your rotary cutter and ruler, cut away the fold.  You need a way to open up that backing once it is sewn to the front.

     I then laid the front onto the backing right sides together.  I sewed around the entire runner with a regular length stitch -- 1/4" seam allowance.


     When you are done, trim away the excess fabric from the backing, clip those basting stitches so you can turn the



Untitled  runner right side out.

     I gave it a good pressing and then stitched in the ditch between the brown border and the centre of the runner.  Stitch up the opening and then it's ready!  That is all there was to it.


I think it took me longer to write the column

Now if you missed yesterday's column it's below.  I don't know.....I must have been asleep at the switch.  I plum forgot to post it.

To my friends that are travelling between now and next week, I hope you all have fabulous holidays.  Wish I could pop into a couple of those suitcases and go with you.
Travel safe.

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