Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Product review

For a long time now I've been using Printed Treasures, sew-on printable fabric for my labels.  They are very good but as you can see.....they are also very expensive.

Yes, that says $21.95 for 5 sheets of cotton fabric treated and ready to go.

Then I saw an ad somewhere for Avery labels available at Staples.  I had run out of label fabric when I made the one for Kristina and Paul's quilt, so as I was in the store, I went looking for this new kind.

I made a new label for the quilt I just got back from Robin (more about that next week).  I popped one sheet in the tray of the printer, pushed the buttons and it came out beautifully.  I noticed when I took it out of the packaging it has a "plastic" back instead of paper.  Slightly trickier to take off, but it is do-able.  I score it with a straight pin and then take them apart.

The price is far better and I'm getting the same thing.  These are only $13.76 per package so that is money in my pocket, which is something I'm quite fond of.  
It printed just as well as the Printed Treasures brand did so another bonus.

Yes, I put a border fabric around the four sides as these fabrics are "unstitchable".  I also think the labels look a whole lot better with a border, although I will admit, in a pinch I have put fusible web on the back and pressed it in place.  I have no idea how long fused labels would last with washings as I've never tried it.

It is just about time for me to start thinking about Christmas cards.  I like to make my own and make them a little bit special for those that receive them.  I found a blog........a really nice blog......and I'm going to start to follow it.  I don't know which posting will come up for you, but if it isn't Thanksgiving, scroll down and take a look.  I'd like to receive a card like that one.

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