Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I got lazy

and sent a small quilt out to Robin for machine quilting.

Remember last year when we did the BOM for The Calendar Quilt.  I did quilt two of them and then mine sat here..................and sat here................and sat here until I was sick of looking at it.

I made the backing, gave it to Robin who consulted me about the pattern, to which I said "you choose".  She did.  Robin asked if it was a wall hanging and it will be for awhile so the batting had to be considered.  I don't know what she put in, but I did the day she told me.  Memory -- where have you gone.

It's done, bound, labelled and it has a sleeve.  Its going on the wall for awhile so we can sit back and admire it......brag about it off.......

I did this border differently than the other two.  The top one was done with two shades of grey and the green one had the blocks framed with four different green fabrics and then set off with another green for the inner border and one of the "framing" fabrics for the outer border.

 I opted to put oak leaves in the border for this quilt.  A couple in the top corner and then tumbling leaves in the bottom right which will probably never be seen where it is going to hang.  Something new, something different and something I had to try.  

I also didn't have any border fabric left, but Robin gave me back all the unused fabric from the back.  I had enough to do the binding, the sleeve and the frame for the label.  I have never done a binding that didn't pull the fabric from somewhere in the top.  Another something new this year.

The backing is a Stonehenge fabric I ordered online from Thousands of Bolts.  They carry a big range of these fabrics and their service is very, very good.  It is in the USA so you will pay $$ for shipping, but you know sometimes it's just worth it.  I figure it saves me gas and wear and tear on my car to order on the internet.............sometimes.

Before I forget to tell you, the quilting design is called Mimosa.  I asked Robin so I would be able to tell you just in case you like it and want to ask your long arm quilter to use it on a quilt for you.

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Humboldt Broncos
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