Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I borrowed money from the

fella and took a workshop.  I had everything else I needed......fabric, rotary cutter, the book.  The class is over a 3 week-end period.  Sunday afternoons from 1-3.

The first class we cut our fabric.  I learned that fabric doesn't always run off exactly the same.  Some of my "matching" didn't quite match and I did pin it.  It didn't work exactly this time, however, it may next time if I do it again.

This was my fabric decision....two fabrics from Mark Lipinski called Zazzle!  Love it. Could be the border on the quilt, who knows.

We cut the fabrics up according to the directions given by Karen and when I got home I did my homework up after supper.  I'm not one to put things together the night before a class.  I find if I leave things to the night before, something comes up and I have to rush.  I don't like rushing.
You took two wedges from your cuttings and joined them together.  I didn't do a lot of thinking or planning.  I just went for it.

I'm not going to post all the blocks......this link will take you to them.

I had assistance.  As I put each set together I tossed them into my box.  After about 3 of these, someone decided they would help! 
It lasted until I snapped the photo and then she was gone.

Here are some photos of the other girl's work.  Two of us selected the same fabric for the "wheels".......

and one girl opted to do a different design.  The teacher was most gracious in allowing her to do so.

I won't give you a week by week column, but I will let you see my finished quilt top.  Perhaps there will be three of them.  I'm thinking at this time, to make the quilts 2 blocks by 2 blocks which will give me something like 28" x 28", add borders and I would have 3 baby quilts.


Our family has a new member
This wee lady joined our daughter's family last Friday.
Her name is Kea -- not named after the New Zealand parrot -- but rather a car
Don't ask.
She has joined a big brother, Murphy and a sister, Poppet, the newly adopted cat.
Our daughter should have bought a farm.

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Humboldt Broncos
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