Thursday, October 17, 2013

I belong to a quilting

forum on the internet.  The ladies come from Australia, Canada and the United States and we post whatever.  We talk quilting, we talk kids, we talk grandkids.  We poor our hearts out to each other at times and encourage each other along.

Every month a person is selected to be The Quilter of the Month.  It doesn't have to be could be could be could be cross stitch.  We post pictures of completed projects and those in progress.

I picked up some of the photos and share the works of the gals on the forum.  I want you all to see the fabulous work these ladies do.

Way back in February our first person was Mamu.....who lives way out the mountains....who owns horses.....and gets to look at wildlife out her windows.....lucky lady.
This is a pattern from Atkinson Designs and is called Fire Escape.

Then we featured charal.  An east coaster living in a beautiful state and no I'm not telling you which one.  Charal makes the most amazing rugs and placemats and I've begged for one, but it didn't work, so I'll have to make my own.  This is just one of the quilts she has done.

In April, we featured QBee who has a kind heart and crochets so many things for the charitable organization that she donates to.  She does it at night time when the tv is on.
This is but one of the quilts she has made

May's selection was Calico Chris.  
Chris makes bowls......totally awesome bowls along with her quilting.  Super work
I'll leave you with our June Quilter of the Month. Jessie.  This gal does more in a month than I do.  She can look at a photo and make up anything.  Her fingers are always moving with her crochet hook in hand.  Aren't these the cutest?  I bought a turtle from Jessie to add to a baby gift a couple of years ago.

That's it for now.  We didn't select a Quilter/Crocheter/Knitter for the summer months.  We are choosing again now, but I'll wait until December to tell you our last four.

**********The pillowcase of the week is number two from the "body" fabric.  I made one up, which will be featured soon, and I wasn't too sure about it. 
The story is: 
I looked on the web for "fishing" fabric and found some at a store in the USA.  Then I had this moment ~~ the one where the light bulb comes on???????
I asked my friend Michelle in PEI if they had any "fishing" fabric in the store where she works.  She posted two photos on Facebook for me and Karl and I made the decision to go with this one.  Michelle told me they had a great green that would work well with it and boy was she right.  She shipped the fabric the day I ordered it and I had it within the week.  
We are still deciding which one will be the one for Kyle.  I honestly think it's this one......but you never know.


After yesterday's post an email came in.  I don't think this gal reads the blog so it has to be a fluke that it happened.  
Take a look at this blog......

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